PCI Glossary of Technical Terms

Acquirer Association Audit Log Authentication/Authenticating Authorized Devices Backup/Backed Up Border Routers Cardholder Data Client Side-Input Controls Co-Location Configuration Cookies Database De-gaussing Development (Systems) DMZ "Doing Business As" (DBA) Egress and Ingress Filters Encryption Extended Point Of Sale Firewall Hardened (IDS/IPS) signatures Incident Response Internal IP Addresses Internal Network Internet-facing Intrusion-detection Intrusion-prevention LEAP Logged Masked (credit card information) Media Merchant Bank Mobile Computer Network Network Address Translation (NAT) Operational Primary Account Number (PAN) Password(s) Payment Card Account Information Payment Card Environment Payment Gateway Penetration Test Perimeter Firewalls Personal Firewall Point of Sale (POS) Policies Processor Production Systems and Applications Public Networks Publicly Reachable Network Segment Remote Administration Roles and Responsibilities Root/Administration Router Sanitized (Secure) Disposal Secure Distribution Sensitive Cardholder Data Server-side Shared WEP Keys Shopping Cart Shredding SNMP Community Strings Spoofed IP Addresses SQL Injection SSID SSID Broadcasts SSL (Version 3.0 with 128-bit encryption) Switches Synchronized Testing (Systems) Time-stamp Third-party Processor Traffic Transmissions Truncation Vendor Default Accounts Vendor Default Security Settings Virus Scanner VPN Vulnerability Scan Web-Hosting Web Servers WEP WEP keys Wi-Fi Protected Access Wireless Access Points Wireless Analyzer

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